25 November 2015

exhibition at Forum Alte Werft Papenburg

In the old building of the former Meyer shipyard hide a theatre, an art school and also the exhibition space of the municipal gallery of Papenburg. It is a beautiful large space and I am very happy to have my work exhibited there. Here are some photos to give an impression of the exhibition

17 September 2015

solo exhibition Städtische Galerie Papenburg (Forum Alte Werft)

From 27 September till 8 November 2015 I will present my work series 'fleeting rooms' in a solo exhibition.

You are cordially invited to the opening on sunday 27-09-2015 at 17:00hrs.

Städtische Galerie Papenburg
Forum Alte Werft, Ölmühlenweg 9, Papenburg, DE

opening hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 14:00 - 17:00hrs, Sunday 14:00 - 17:00hrs.

18 August 2015

exhibition 'transfluxxion'

As part of the celebration of their 25th anniversary the art school Kunstschule Zinnober initiated the art exhibition transfluxxion. To express the diverse activities and numerous collaborations of the school, the gallery space was transformed into a spatial installation. Inspired by the concept of the social sculpure by Joseph Beuys, the visitor was invited to participate in - and become a part of the 'Gesamtkunstwerk'.
In the space, completely decorated in white, different work stations with were build up, where the visitor could 'fill the room with colour' by taking part in one of the join-in activities. My interactive installation 'transluxion' was one of them. When entering the gallery, the visitors were filmed by a webcam. After a short moment, they could see their own silhouettes projected on a wall on the other side of the room.
I also presented my new work 'luminous flux' in the exhibition. The minimalistic video is projected on a curtain which hangs lengthways from the ceiling. When stepping behind the curtain, the viewer can expand the depiction of light and shadow by adding his own shadow plays. The visuals in the video also make a reference to another installation work, a huge crocheted net which spans over the exhibition space.

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:

14 August 2015

photography exhibition at incubarte 7

For International Art Festival Incubarte 7 my work 'sense of locality #2' was shown in the exhibition space of espai d'art fotogràfic - escuela de fotografía in Valencia, Spain. Here is an impression of the exhibition. More pictures of the opening can be seen here.

Photos by Jordi NN (exhibition)and Leire Green and documentation team INCUBARTE 7 (opening).

1 June 2015

commissioned work: photo illustrations for booklet and postcards

In collaboration with media artist Eleanor Grootoonk I made a series of photo illustrations for an assignment by the council of Harderwijk. The illustrations were used in a publication and for a series of postcards. We developed the style of the illustrations and created digital collages with pictures we took in Harderwijk. Illustrator Sahal Merchant created the cover for the booklet, which is made up of image elements from our illustrations.

6 May 2015

work presentation at Fonlad festival and Incubarte 7

My video works 'floating shapes' and 'the silver bullet' have been selected for FONLAD online digital art festival. They are presented during the video art screening on May 9th 2015 at 21h30 in Espaço Partícula, Coimbra, Portugal. Click here to view the full program.
To celebrate the 10th edition of the festival, there will also be a virtual exhibition on Web Art Center, taking place from 1 to 31 November 2015.
This online gallery features also my net art project GoogleScape

One of my photographic works is exhibited at the International Art Festival Incubarte 7 which takes places from 18 till 21 june 2015 in Valencia, Spain. The work 'sense of locality #2' is part of the group exhibition 'PRESENT' in Espai d'Art Fotogràfic, curated by Lordes Casany.

13 November 2014

Solo Exhibition | Kunst im Kreishaus, Nordhorn

I would like to invite you to my solo exhibition in Nordhorn, Germany.
After winning the artist stipend of the Emsländische Landschaft, I spent in total four month in two residencies in Nordhorn and Papenburg. In the exhibition I will present the works I made during that residency period.

Kreisverwaltung Nordhorn
van-Delden-Str. 1-7

21st november 2014

21st november 2014 till 18th january 2015

Opening hours:
Mo. - Thu., 8.30 - 16.00
Friday, 8.30 - 12.30
Sunday, 11.00 - 13.00

*Please note that on the following days the exhibition space is closed:
24, 25, 26 december (christmas)
31st december, 1st january (new year)
On 28 (sunday), 29 and 30 december the exhibition space is open!

MOVIE | film program

19 January 2014

images from thin air -exhibition-

Invitation to the opening of my exhibition 'images from thin air'

OPENING: Thursday 30 january 2014 at 17.00 o'clock. Location: Poelestraat 2 (corner Poelestraat/ Grote Markt) in Groningen.

After the opening my work can be seen every evening until 12 february from 17.00 -0.00 hrs

The work 'images from thin air' consists of nine video fragments which will be projected on different locations in and around the centre of Groningen. For more information and the locations of the video projections please check the project website: http://www.sarahjanssen.com/fromthinair
The project 'images from thin air' was made possible by the Hendrik de Vries stipend by Gemeente Groningen.

6 November 2013

commissioned work: groen 2020

In collaboration with multimedia artist Eleanor Grootoonk I did an assignment for the council of Harderwijk. The department for green area management wants to achieve certain goals until the year 2020 concerning the future of public green spaces. For an internal presentation they asked us to create some animations to visualize their points of view. Additionally we designed a booklet in which their ideas were described and illustrated.

22 August 2013

Künstlerstipendium der Emsländischen Landschaft e.V.

Some exciting news: I got the artist stipend by the german institution Emsländische Landschaft e.V. This means that in spring 2014 I will take part in their artist-in-residence program. For a period of 4 month I have the opportunity to stay in two studios in Nordhorn and Aschendorf to focus on creating new artworks there. The results will be presented in two exhibitions and a catalogue. More info in the press release (in german).

13 August 2013

photo portfolio online

During the last months I worked an online photo portfolio in addition to my general website. One reason was that since last year I am doing freelance photography assignments. Next to that, I created more personal photographic works over the last years which I wanted to give a space online next to my artistic portfolio.
Please have a look: http://photo.sarahjanssen.com

4 July 2013

a movement

a sneak peek from the photostudio

18 May 2013

exhibition with 'opening scenes' and lecture

At the moment my video installation opening scenes is part of the group exhibition strip gerelateerd, which is organized by Verkuno.
In the framework of the exhibition I will give a lecture about my work on friday the 24th of may at 20:00 (free entrance for Verkuno-members, otherwise it is 5,00€ including consumption)

exhibition from 18-05-2013 till 9-06-2013
opening hours:
thursday-sunday, 1.30-5.00 PM
Koetshuis van Havezathe Mensinge,
Mensingeweg 3, Roden, the Netherlands

6 May 2013


These are some images of my new work shadows, which I created for my solo exhibition Parallel 22. The installation consists of wall projections of shadows from different movies. Original movie scenes were edited in such a way that the impression is created that one is not seeing a videoprojection but real shadows. The installation is inconspicuous and almost invisible at first sight. Only once in a while a shadow of a mysterious man with a hat scurries around. The shadow, an important visual element of film noir, is extracted from its original movie and transferred into reality.

10 April 2013

Exhibition Parallel 22, Altes Rathaus Neuenhaus

On Wednesday the 17th of April 2013 my exhibition Parallel 22 will be opened. I am presenting photos from my sense of locality series, and a film program, featuring several of my videoworks.

Altes Rathaus Neuenhaus,
Hauptstraße 24,
49828 Neuenhaus, Germany

17th of April, 6:00 pm

21st of April until 19th of May 2013
opening hours: sundays, 3:00 - 6:00 pm
and by arrangement
+49 (0)5941 98019